Feb 13, 2011

Bride Wars

Iyupp....!sangat2 suka cerita nih sebab sangat suka,!asiiikkkk bangat deyh!
Alaa..aku suka sebab cerita nih macam banyak bagi peringatan kat aku..Ada laa jugak macam impak dalam hubungan persahabatan aku n dak dua ekoo tuh.So,memandangkan aku ponn da start taip nih kan,okkay meh aku bagi korang baca intro movie nih.

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Emma Allen (Anne Hathaway) and Olivia 'Liv' Lerner (Kate Hudson) are best friends who have planned every detail of their weddings, since first witnessing a wedding 20 years ago at the Plaza Hotel. Therefore, they both have made it a lifetime priority to be married in the same location in June.
The movie begins with the two women getting engaged at the age of 26. They then schedule their weddings with New York's most famous wedding planner, Marion St. Claire (Candice Bergen), but due to a clerical error they are scheduled to have a wedding on the same day, June 6. A week of passive aggressive hostility passes before the two women make it clear that neither will compromise, especially after Liv tries to take advantage of Emma's passive nature and outrages Emma in the process. During this time, Emma's fiancé, Fletcher (Chris Pratt), begins to show signs of being controlling.
Both women attempt to sabotage the each other's wedding, including Liv making Emma's tan turn bright orange, Emma tampering with Liv's hair dye to turn Liv's hair a shocking blue-white colour, Emma showing up to Liv's bachelorette party to out-dance her, and Emma secretly sending Liv candy to make her too fat to fit into her dress. Eventually, Emma and Fletcher get into an argument regarding Emma's manic behavior of sabotaging Liv's wedding and their friendship.
Both brides-to-be are then shown to be in the Plaza very shortly before they are due to be wed, separately. Right before Liv leaves to begin her march to the altar, she encounters Emma's father and receives his blessing; she regrets setting up a wild spring break DVD to play at Emma's wedding. She sends her best man to replace the wrong DVD with the right one, filled with childhood memories. However, thinking that the DVD is for a prank, he does not do so, dropping it into a flowerpot and muttering, "You'll thank me one day."
Emma begins her walk down the aisle but stops when the footage of her spring break is shown. She loses her temper completely and tackles Liv after sprinting to the other section of the Plaza. The two brides wrestle in their dresses on the floor while the rest of the room looks on, the people closest to the brides having decided it would be best to let the brides resolve the problem. After tussling, Emma and Liv lie on the ground panting, and then make up almost instantly. Emma stands up and walks over to Fletcher who is upset at Emma's behavior. Emma tells Fletcher that she is not the same person he fell in love with 10 years ago and that she has now changed. With that, the two tearfully call off their wedding. Liv's wedding resumes with Emma participating and, eventually, dancing with Nate, Liv's brother.
The movie picks up a year later when Emma and Liv meet up for drinks, where it's revealed that Emma married Nate. Emma and Liv also reveal to each other that they are pregnant and that their due dates are the same, March 3.

Emmm..taa kan korang ta paham kot?tapi cter nih memang best..
pada aku banyak moral value yang aku dapat such as::

  1. Persahabatan yang sangat penting
  2. keyakinan sesama pasangan sangat d'perlukan
  3. jadi sempurna sepanjang masa sebenarnya memenatkan!
  4. hidup nih ta perfect,life is messy baby!
  5. mencari pasangan yang sempurna susah untuk d'kembangkan.tetapi mencari partner yang menerima itulaa yang perlu d'usahakan!
  6. JUST FINE is not a feeling
  7. Bahagia bukan setakat puas
  8. menunjuk perasaan yang sebenar perlu sebagai manusia biasa.
  9. VERA WANG design ta boleyh d'ubah oleh kita sebab VERA WANG design yang m'buat kita merubah diri kita kepada yang ideal!huhu~
  10. lastly,tanpa sahabat memang rasa tak lengkap hidop nih..kan?

So..kalau korang tertarik dengan fav movie aku nih,p laa carik and tengok okkay?thumbs up babe!
love kate hudson so much!tht's all...huhu..